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The 6 Rules of Creativity

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

For me, 'creativity' is one of the hardest elements of marketing.

But, the mistake I've been making is that I've often seen 'creativity and 'originality' as the same thing.

We need to re-think what 'creativity' means to help us open up the flow of ideas. Here are my 6 steps to help do this.

💡'Connectivity' is a better word than 'Creativity'. Don't put pressure on yourself to be truly original. Very little truly is. The key is in connecting existing ideas in new ways.

🤔 Be an idiot. The secret to being good at anything is to approach it like a curious idiot, rather than a know-it-all genius. Pretending we have all the answers limits our possibility.

✋ Step away from your devices. John Cleese once said: “We don’t know where we get our ideas from. What we do know is that we do not get them from our laptops.”

🦻 Learn to listen intently. You don't need to have great ideas, when you can hear great ideas.

✍️ Write it all down. Ideas are often forgotten as quickly as they come, set yourself up with a place to store all of your ideas, no matter how far-fetched they might be

🤯 Forget it. Once you've written it down, let your conscious mind forget it. Let your unconscious mind do the work. This is when those 'lightbulb moments' happen.

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