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How forward-thinking B2B brands can harness the power of social media 

Social media is undergoing one of the biggest macro shifts in history. Rapid user growth resulting from a global pandemic has driven a significant change in how users utilize social media platforms.

Increasingly, social media is influencing buyer behaviour in a trend known as 'social commerce'. With more opportunities to monetise than ever before, 'social commerce' is powering the growth of the 'creator economy' which, in turn, is creating an explosion of niche communities.

These trends conspire to present businesses with an unprecedented growth opportunity. But tapping into this new paradigm won’t be easy, especially so for B2B businesses. B2B’s have historically been behind the curve and guilty of seeing social media as just another ‘channel’ to distribute their content.

But, if B2B's want to power growth in this new era, this mindset needs to change.

The fastest-growing and most-loved businesses on the planet all have realised the transformative potential of social media, and it’s opening up a great divide between those that ‘get it’ and those that are still marketing like it’s 2012.

It’s time for B2B’s to cross the chasm to unleash the power of social media, to build trust, and create demand at a scale that’s never before been possible.


If you work in marketing or in the leadership team of a B2B brand, this book is for you.

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