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9 essential methods of communication

9 essential methods of communication, inspired by Dave Bailey.

  1. Start with 'Why' - Communicate the underlying purpose behind your message

  2. Tell a story - Nothing is as powerful as emotion as a communication tool. When trying to communicate a vision, start your sentence with; 'Imagine if...'

  3. To handle objections, use 'Feel, Felt, Found'; This is a nice framework to help you empathize with the other party; 'I understand how you feel, many others have felt this way initially, and what they typically found after considering all aspects was...'

  4. Communicate in 40 words or less - keep it short.

  5. To gain ideas, use 'and' instead of 'but' - We like to think that most decisions are simple option 1 or option 2 choices, the reality is often there are many more options that have not yet been discovered.

  6. To empower, ask for permission - 'Do you mind if I...'

  7. To lead, show vulnerability, then vision - As Brene Brown says, showing vulnerability to key to leadership. We don't need to show that we have all of the ideas, but need to empower with a clear purpose (back to point 1)

  8. To coach, ask questions - Your ability to ask probing, thought-provoking questions is a massively underrated skill

  9. To listen, be the last to speak - It's a simple way of becoming the most intelligent in the room

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