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The Immediacy Trap

“Every battle is won before it's ever fought.” — Sun Tzu

When we are faced with a decision, how many times do we fall into the trap of a bias towards the choice that is most readily available and at the lowest cost?

Whilst we don't intentionally play life on 'hard mode', that's what we do when we let a lack of patience rush us into a decision that might prove to be costly down the track.

One way to visualize this is through the lens of billiards. We become so focused on making the first shot that we fail to consider how we position the ball for the next shot. When we go to take the next shot, it’s harder than it had to be.

The main lesson here is to always put yourself in the best position possible in every decision, consider all scenarios to put yourself in the best position for the next move.

Brilliance might appear to win in the moment, but positioning wins in the end.

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