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The power of storytelling

The emotional power of storytelling can not be underestimated, I'd very much recommend watching this TED Talk by David JP Phillips.

Simply put, the more powerful the story we tell, the more the recipient's objectivity is lost.

Why is this important?

It's based on this science that product placements exist. Why do companies pay so much to be featured in a James Bond movie? It's because immediately after being emotionally connected to a story involving an Omega watch or Aston Martin, these products now have a enjoy a deeper connection with us.

Brands are built on emotional connection and emotional connections are driven through a story.

In David's TED talk he shares a study in which 200 products were purchased on EBay at a total price of $129. 200 authors where given each object to write a story about. The items were then listed back on EBay, along with the story and the total value recouped was over $8,000.

Stories release what David refers to as the 'Angels Cocktail' - dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins - all of which increase focus, connection, trust, generosity, and creativity - all of the emotions that really drive our decision making and purchase decisions.

The takeaway? Don't try and convince by logic, tell a story instead,.

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