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'We're so excited to have you as one of our keynote speakers 3rd year in a row! Not always I want to see the same speaker year after year, but with you, Andy, I know that I'll always get something fresh, new and super valuable! Lenka'

'From what I see from ContentCal you are great trust builders. Your public presence at events is very open and trustworthy. Your team are very approachable, helpful, knowledgeable and do a great job at building trust. You have grown a great community which delivers a whole load of social trust, and afterall we all know word-of-mouth is trustworthy marketing gold.'

'Hey Andy!

 I loved your podcast "Getting the message right". It should be made the day-one training programme for all marketing interns and new starters!! It's brilliant.'

'Hi Andy, The seminar yesterday was fantastic, It's added value to the things I learnt about social media marketing at university.'

'Hi Andy, Just wanted to thank you for a tremendous session and for lots learnt! Kind regards, Jo'

'Hi Andy, Thank you so much it was actually really really helpful!  I’ve recently decided to try and take on the social media for our very tiny company, having never really done any social professionally. I didn’t really know how best to plan a strategy but now feel far more confident.'

'Hello Andy, I thought your presentation was the best.  It was really interesting and very helpful to us.'

'Hi Andy, thank you for the most informative Webinar I have ever been on.'

'Dear Andy, Firstly, thank you for an action packed, informative webinar...So much information! Many thanks, Caroline'

'Hi Andy, Awesome webinar, thank you. Very succinct and packed full of useful tips!'

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