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Staying true to yourself

Following on from yesterday's blog about our supposed 'purpose', it's important that we don't confuse our self-worth with our profession. (A mistake I have made many, many times)

Instead tie your identity to flexibility, not consistency.

Here's what I mean.

As humans, we are hopelessly governed by our biases and we tend to like what we know.

The problem comes when we've focussed for so long on doing one thing in a certain way, we tie our self-worth to it (be it a skill, profession, or career). This leads us to react unfavorably to negative feedback, as we see negative feedback as an attack on our personality, rather than for what it is.

True learning, development, and personal growth come from when we understand our own ignorance and our minds are open to re-thinking our previous views.

A way of doing this is by thinking about what information would change your mind and accelerating towards finding that.

To truly get the best result in any aspect of our lives, we need to prioritise outcomes over ego.

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